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Where the locals eat rated Moustache Restaurant as the BEST middle eastern in NYCMoustache Pitza Restaurant is rated by "Where the Locals Eat" as the BEST MIDDLE EASTERN in New York City -2009 rating A step up from hole in the wall but obscure enough to pat yourself on the back for finding it, Moustache serves up some of the freshest jazzed-up versions of Middle Eastern classics around... offer out-of-the-oven pita bread and a version of baba ghanoush that defines the dish like Project Runway defines style...

timeout article on moustache pitza restaurantMoustache Pitza *Critic's Pick: Located on a leafy, brownstone-lined West Village street, this beloved cheap-eats haven [Middle Eastern Restaurant Moustache Pitza] serves some of the city’s best Middle Eastern food. The small, exposed-brick dining room packs in a neighborhood crowd nightly—it’s not unlikely to see a line outside this no-reservations spot. But it’s worth the wait. The freshly baked pitas, still puffed up with hot air when served, are perfect for scooping up the smoky baba ghanoush. More elaborate offerings include ouzi: rice, chicken, vegetables and raisins cooked in phyllo.

nytimes article on moustache pitza restaurantMoustache Pitza *Top Pick: These small, excellent Middle Eastern restaurants specialize in "pitzas," exceptional pizza-like dishes made with pita dough, including lahmajun, the Turkish specialty with a savory layer of ground lamb on crisp crust, and zaatar, a crisp individual pizza topped with a smoky, aromatic combination of olive oil, thyme, sesame seeds and sumac.

citysearch article on moustache pitza restaurantMoustache [Pitza] operates on a simple philosophy: Serve savory, affordable Middle Eastern food in a cozy, urbane setting--and keep that puffed-up, fresh-out-of-the-oven pita coming to the table.

menupages article on moustache pitza restaurant[Moustache Pitza] The food is out of this world. They interpret a lot of middle eastern standards with flair and flavor while staying true to the dish . It's part of the "slow food" movement with a real respect for ingredients and cooking.

nymag article on moustache pitza restaurantMoustache Pitza *Critics' Pick: Moustache’s crowded shop with its tiny copper-topped tables is a charming place to escape to for a festive assortment of the restaurant’s fresh, flavorful salads, dips, breads, and Middle Eastern “pitzas”. [pitza: pizza made with pita-bread-dough]